LED Lamps

Light Emitting Diode

A19 9.8W 3000k(820 lumen) / 4000k(920 lumen) LED lamps

Light Emitting Diode

PAR38 20W 3000k(1200 lumen)

Light Emitting Diode

BR 9.5W 2700k(700 lumen)

Light Emitting Diode

MR16 8W 3000k/5000(550 lumen)

LED Fixtures

Light Emitting Diode
104, 78, 52, 26 Watt Area lights
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Light Emitting Diode
104, 78, 52, 26 Watt wall pack lights
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Light Emitting Diode
78Watt flood lights
pdf Specification Sheet
Light Emitting Diode
189,149,129,103,76 Watt canopy lights
pdf Specification Sheet
Light Emitting Diode
4-foot T8 LED tube lamp (18 watts)
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Occupancy Sensor
Motion Sensor
Photo Sensor

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HVAC Occupancy Sensor

Prevent air conditioning unit from running in an empty room by using this smart occupancy sensor. The smart energy management system also maintains room comfort level with a built-in thermostat.
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Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL)

Compact Fluorescent Lighting
14 Watt Mini Spiral
15 Watt Spiral
20 Watt Spiral
25 Watt Spiral

14 Watt A Bulb
16 Watt G Bulb

16 Watt Interior Reflector Bulb (Flood)
20 Watt Interior Reflector Bulb (Flood)

High Bay Lighting and Linear Fluorescent Lamps

T5 4 Foot Linear Fluorescent Lamp
T8 4 Foot Linear Fluorescent Lamp


Other Lighting Products Available

Ceiling Fixture
26 Watt Ceiling Fixture
30 Watt Ceiling Fixture
36 Watt Ceiling Fixture

Vanity Lights
18 Watt Vanity Lights
26 Watt Vanity Lights
36 Watt Vanity Lights

Wall Packs
26 Watt Wall Packs

Porch Fixture & Lights
18 Watt Porch Fixture
26 Watt Porch Lights

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Exit Signs

Exit Sign
LED Exit Signs (Available in Green and Red)

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GE Ballast
Low Power Factor - GE-232-MAX-L-/Ultra
Normal Power Factor - GE-232-MAX-N-/Ultra
High Power Factor - GE-232-MAX-H-/Ultra


Low Power Factor
Normal Power Factor
High Power Factor

Day Light Harvesting Dimming Ballasts

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occupancy sensitized thermostat
This occupancy sensitized thermostat is the only thermostat on the market that senses body heat instead of motion to control heating and air conditioning. As a result residents/guests have better control of the system while they are in the room.

What this means for you is that you will no longer be using electricity in unoccupied rooms. Moreover, this product can be programmed to save energy during peak usage times, allowing you to save energy when it is the most expensive.

Other controls include sensors that tell when your filters are dirty and if you have any leaks in your system. This feature alone can save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

Induction Lamp and Fixtures
Induction Light
85 Watt Wall Pack
100 Watt Wall Pack
85 Watt Garage Light
200 Watt High Bay
85 Watt Freezer

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